Lessons from 2014

Here are the things I learned this year:

  • You can learn from the experiences of others. The way it works is that if they make an impression on you and with the help of empathy, you can turn others experiences into valuable knowledge, as it was your own.

  • Soft skills and experience are more valuable than raw intelligence. We live in a world where most business are looking for people that can communicate and get things done. We can't afford people going into a cave and coming back with what they think is right.

  • Yesterday it was the cloud, this year it was the micro services, dev ops and continuous delivery. It will be difficult to be a full stack developer in 2015, since there is so much specialisation in each layer.

  • In Sweden everything works with email, in Honduras, people do business using Facebook and WhatsApp. If you generalise Sweden as develop country and Honduras as a developing one: This means that developing countries didn't bother with the PC revolution and just picked up the mobile. And since Facebook and WhatsApp work well there, there is no need for email. So, cross device apps and services is our current solution to fragmentation and diversity.

  • I like node.js and learn a lot about it, but I'm still scratching the surface on what can be done. 2015 will be a important year for it, given all the changes that happened with npm, the advisory board and the fork.

  • A/B testing needs the right tool for it to work and there is no one fill all solution, each company depending on it, needs to develop one.

  • There is no better feeling than to win a battle that only a few believe in you. Looking forward to new challenges, personally and technically.