Synthesis for minimum viable product

Minimum Viable Product was introduced by The Lean Startup. In addition, you will find numerous posts in the internet describing it. And people will talk about it and will try to define using examples or detailing what they think it is.

At the end of the day we all fall in the trap of decorating a concept, using the same three words found in its name. Instead of using words lets put it all together with three images:

the minimum: enough to work and work well

how to build source [1]

viable: capable of living, under normal conditions

viable product source [2]

product: should be functional, reliable, usable and emotionally connect

real product covers all layers source [3]

Anything else, is just a prototype: you learn from it and throw away, or you put it in a trouphy case.


[1]: Via @jopas from The Ultimate Guide to MVP

[2]: Image taken from unsplash

[3]: Illustration produced by @jopas from this tweet